Robotic solutions
for positioning, handling and sensing at micro and nano scales


Imina Technologies is the maker of the miBot™, an extremely versatile and intuitive to use piezo-based manipulator. In combination with various third party instruments, it is used to precisely position  probe tips on electronic devices and MEMS, or to handle and characterize properties of nanoparticles and biological samples.





  • 4 degrees of freedom
  • Large travel range of several cm
  • Resolution down to nm
  • High stability
  • Intuitive to control



Our offering is divided into 3 product lines – Nanoprobing, Compact, and Portable – with a high level of upgradability between each other that adapt to your equipment, samples, and experimental requirements.



Nanoprobing Solution: Low current measurements in SEM

  • Position up to 8 probers independently with nm range resolution
  • Leakage currents as low as 100 fA/V
  • Compact design for quick installation in SEM without permanent modifications
  • Workflow managed by unified and intuitive PrecisioTM software



Micro Probe Station: Electrical characterization of µm-sized samples and devices

  • Turnkey Optical Microscopy kit
  • 4 coaxial connection modules for electrical probing
  • 4 motorized probes with independently driven x,y, z and rotation
  • Fully integrated software for intuitive and safe operation


Compact Solution: Seamless intergation with your equipment

  • For ambient environment applications
  • Various shapes for minimized footprint
  • Easy mounting interface, compatible with optical breadboards and microscope stages



Portable Solution: Plug and start getting results

  • Plattform to accomodate samples up to 5 cm/2″ diameter and up to 4 miBots
  • Suitable for use with optical or electron micrscopes
  • Coax connectors for injection or measurement of electrical signals





Probes, Micro-Tools, and Sensors

Extend the use of your miBot™ to various types of applications thanks to its compatibility with several tools and sensors. In fact, the miBot is equipped with a proprietary tool holder mechanism that makes the exchange or replacement of tools fast and convenient. In minutes, turn the miBot from an electric probe or optical fiber positioner into a manipulator of nanoparticles (microgripper) or biological samples (micropipette). Special tool holders for other tools are available on request.



  • In-situ material charakterization
  • Micro/nano handling
  • Electrical transport measurements
  • SEM/TEM sample preparation
  • MEMS/NEMS testing
  • Local collection of light
  • Liquid dispensing

Typical samples:

  • Transistors
  • Via Chains
  • Die or open packages
  • 2D material devices
  • Nanowires and CNTs



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