CytoViva® Darkfield- and Hyperspectral Microscopy


CytoViva’s enhanced darkfield optics allows the visualization of nanoscale objects (metals, oxides, polymers, viruses or liposomes) without any fluorescent labeling. A spectrograph (VNIR 400-1000nm oder SWIR 900-1700nm) acquires hyperspectral images from which the nano-materials can be characterized and classified.

The CytoViva® technology works in different substrates and environments (e.g. cells, tissue, all kinds of liquids). The hyperspectral analysis is very sensitive on chemical properties of the refracting objects and can for example resolve different surface modifications  (functional groups) individually on single nanoparticles.


CytoViva® Measurement and Analysis

  • High-resolution darkfield image with very high signal to noise ratio
  • Line-by-line hyperspectral image acquisition with X-Y scan stage und spectrograph
  • Generation of spectral libraries of the targeted specimen
  • Spectral angular mapper procedure to map the matching data in the hyperspectral imag


           CytoViva® Introduction                                                   CytoViva® Webinar



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CytoViva® Enhanced Darkfield Microscopy


CytoViva’s Enhanced Darkfield MicroscopyCytoViva Enhanced Darkfield Microscopy










CytoViva® Hyperspectral Microscope

Hyperspectral Microscope

CytoViva® 3D Enhanced Darkfield Imaging


3D Enhanced Darkfield Imaging

CytoViva® Integrated Raman & Hyperspectral Microscopy


Raman & Hyperspectral Microscopy

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NanoparticleDigital PathologyNano-Drug-Delivery




Nanoparticle Darkfield Hyperspectral Imaging                       Digital Pathology                                   Nano-Drug-Delivery


Microbiology & Virology













                                                                                         Microbiology & Virology

Further Applications:

  • nanotoxicity of particles in cell cultures
  • Determination of functional groups of Drug Delivery particles
  • Drug Loaded Liposomes
  • Particles for biosensors
  • Microplastic in the environment and in tissue
  • Implant debris in tissue
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Wafer defect analysis




AuNP Spectra Mapped (red) in Tissue








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