New HVG-2020B Series Vacuum Gauge

Accurate vacuum measurement with flexible I/O and optional color display

Teledyne Hastings Instruments, a worldwide leader of vacuum instrumentation and thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers, announces the release of the HVG-2020B Series of vacuum gauges. The HVG-2020B vacuum gauge measures pressures from atmosphere to 0.1 mTorr using two sensor technologies – a media-isolated, gas composition independent, piezoresistive sensor and a precision pirani sensor.

The HVG-2020B Series has an optional color touchscreen display which provides several different views, or modes of operation, for the user including a graphical “pressure versus time” mode, process control set point mode, bar graph mode, and a simple pressure and temperature display.

In addition, the HVG-2020B is very flexible and can provide both analog and digital outputs to easily integrate into process control. A wide variety of analog output signals, both linear and log, may be selected for voltage or current output. Digital output can include RS232 and RS485 via a small jack on the top of the instrument. A USB connection is also available on many models which makes connection and operation very easy for the user. Free Windows® data acquisition software for data logging is available for the HVG-2020B.

KLA Nanoindenter Users Meeting in Langen

After the acquisition of Keysight’s Nanoindenter division and the Nanomechanics Inc. company by KLA, the first joint Nanoindenter Users Meeting took place on 2nd/3rd May at the Mercure Hotel Langen and the premises of Schaefer Technologie GmbH.

During the 2-day event, numerous lectures from the field of materials research were held. In addition, there was the opportunity to participate in live demonstrations of various instruments.

At the evening dinner the participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and to establish new contacts.

Acquisition of NanoIndenter Product Line

The KLA-Tencor Corporation has acquired the Nanolndenter product line from Keysight Technologies. KLA-Tencor develops and manufactures inspection, metrology, and data analysis systems that rely on innovative optics, sensors, and high-performance computing technologies. The Nanolndenter product line is an excellent fit with KLA-Tencor’s product portfolio. This acquisition extends KLA-Tencor’s surface metrology product suite to include a range of products well matched to the customer’s requirements. Information about the Nano Intender G200 can be found here.

Schaefer-Tec Group has taken over the distribution of the ULVAC Ellipsometer Series

With immediate effect, the Schaefer-Tec Group has taken over the distribution of the ULVAC spectroscopic ellipsometer series. The UNECS model range includes both, portable and manual as well as automated ellipsometer systems. Schaefer Technologie GmbH presents the new compact UNECS-Portable Elliposmeter for the first time at the Control Show 2017 in Stuttgart.

The ULVAC Group manufactures and markets equipment and materials for applications of vacuum techniques and technology in the field of semiconductor, flat panel displays/OLED and disc/magnetic media processing technologies.


Sensofar Users Meeting in Langen


On 24./25. April 2017, the Sensofar Users Meeting organized by Schaefer Technologie GmbH took place at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Langen near Frankfurt am Main.

Approximately 30 participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and to exchange ideas with other users during the two-day event. The lecture program covered a wide range of topics, from calibration techniques to typical application examples.

Own samples could be brought along and measured at the exhibited devices.

During the cozy evening buffet, contacts were made and experiences exchanged.


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