Webinar: Nano Drug Delivery Development with Hyperspectral Microscopy

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What You will Learn:

CytoViva’s Hyperspectral Microscopy is a highly effective tool for the development of nanoscale vectors for drug delivery. It not only provides label free imaging of these nanoscale vectors and their active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), but also enables spectral confirmation of these materials in cells and tissue, including spheroids and organoids.

In this webinar you will learn the principles behind Enhanced Darkfield Hyperspectral Microscopy. This will include an overview of nanoscale darkfield microscopy and high-resolution hyperspectral imaging, which produces optical spectrum in each nanoscale pixel of an image.

Additionally, various nano-vector drug delivery applications will be reviewed. This will include data illustrating the confirmation of APIs on individual nanoparticles along with label free imaging and spectral confirmation of nano-vectors and their drug load in cells and tissue. Examples showing API distribution in larger scale samples will also be demonstrated. Join us to learn how you can use darkfield hyperspectral microscopy to advance your work developing nano drug delivery vectors.



Byron Cheatham, Vice President @ CytoViva, Inc., USA

Since 2005, CytoViva has helped hundreds of research and industry laboratories solve critical problems at the nanoscale with its state of the art hyperspectral microscope technology. Research applications supported by CytoViva range from nanotechnology to digital pathology.




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