Schaefer-Tec Application Days 2024

We are delighted to invite you to attend our upcoming Schaefer-Tec Application Days event, which will take place in May 2024 at our headquarters in Langen near Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

In three consecutive days, we will present the core of our product portfolio consisting of different microscopic and imaging technologies in the field of Material and Life Sciences. 

Company representatives together with invited scientists from various continents will introduce their solutions and experiences via short presentations and on-side demonstrations. This is a great opportunity to explore cutting-edge scientific instruments in action and find the right tool for your applied research and your department requirements. 


Date & Time: 14th – 16th May 2024 , 8 am to 5 pm

  • May 14: Imaging in Life Science
  • May 15: Electron Microscopy
  • May 16: UHV- Scanning Probe Microscopy

>>  Location: Robert-Bosch-Straße 31, 63225, Langen, Germany


Discover firsthand the expertise of company representatives and invited scientists from around the world as they share their solutions and experiences through short presentations and on-site demonstrations. This event offers a unique opportunity to witness cutting-edge scientific instruments in action and to find the perfect tool for your applied research and departmental requirements. 


We offer the exclusive option for our attendees to bring samples (applicable for the 1st and 2nd day) for real-time analysis on the instruments available.  





9:00 – 9:15Welcome & Agenda
9:15 – 9:45CytoViva 3D Enhanced Darkfield-Hyperspectral Microscopy & Imaging Solutions
9:45 – 10:15Tomocube Holotomographic Microscopy & Imaging Solutions
10:15 – 10:45TissueGnostics Contextual Tissue Cytometry & Imaging Solutions
10:45 – 11:15Coffee Break
11:15 – 11: 30CytoViva Technology Applications
11:30 – 11:45Tomocube Technology Applications
11:45 – 12:00TissueGnostics Technology Applications
12:00 – 13:00Lunch Break
13:00 – 17:00Hands-On Demonstrations, Coffee Break & Networking 


Dr. Shahriar Dantism
Technical Sales, Nanobiotechnology



9:00 – 9:15Welcome & Agenda
9:15 – 9:30Introduction of Participants
9:30 – 9:50Introduction to SEM (Lars Jansen) 
9:50 – 10:10Introduction to Luxor Sputter Coater (Jan De Munck) 
10:10 – 10:30SEM Applications (Lars Jansen) 
10:30 – 11:00Coffee Break
11:00 – 11:20Sample Preparation with Ion-Milling (Martin Schaefer)
11:20 – 11:40ParticleX – Technical Cleanliness (Dr. Sebastian Wex, RJL) 
11:40 – 12:00Nanoprobing (in SEM) with Imina miBots (Martin Schaefer) 
12:00 – 13:00Lunch Break
13:00 – 17:00Hands-On Demonstrations, Coffee Break & Networking 

Host Day 2

Dr. Lars Jansen
Sales Manager, Electron Microscopy



8:30 – 8:40Welcome & Agenda
8:40 – 9:20Introduction of Participants
9:20 – 9:45NN: Overview on UHV SPM Systems
9:45 – 10:15Steffen Porthun ( RHK Technology): The internals of the R10 SPM controlle
10:15 – 10:45 Coffee Break
10:45 – 11:15Dr. Robert Ranecki, TU Kaiserslautern/ PAS Poznan/: 
SF-IETS investigations on metallacrown systems
11:15 – 11:45 Dr. Rajan Adhikari, Univ. Erlangen/Schaefer Technologie GmbH:  
Scanning probe studies of porphyrins on metal surfaces
11:45 – 12:15Ing. Martin Siekman, University of Twente:
A new approach to measure spatially resolved thermovoltage with the R9
12:15 – 13:30Lunch break
13:30 – 13:50NN: Cryogenic Nanopositioners
13:50 – 14:30Steffen Porthun(RHK Technology): Lock-Ins and PLLs
14:30 – 14:45Company Tour
14:30 – 16:30Coffee break | Networking | Product demonstrations

Host Day 3

Dipl.-Phys. Martin Schaefer
Sales Manager

Webinar: Tomocube Label-Free 3D Holotomography & Imaging

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Visualization of living cells and organoids without labelling in high-resolution, in 3D and in real-time is now possible with Tomocube Holotomography solutions. Be with us in this Webinar to learn more about the revolutionizing potentials of this technology as a powerful tool for your research projects and applications.

Please don´t forget to register via the link. After entering your information, please click on “Send/Senden” botton below. The Webinar invitation link will be sent to you separatley after your registration.

👨‍🔬  Prof. Dr. Yongkeun (Paul) Park (KAIST & Tomocube CTO)

📅  Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 9 am CET


📢 Tomocube and Schaefer Technology at the EMBO | EMBL Symposium (II): Organoids!

Visualization of living organoids without labelling in high-resolution, in 3D and in real-time is now made possible with TOMOCUBE, INC. Holotomography -the HT-X1. Be with us at the EMBO | EMBL Symposium in Heidelberg to learn more about the revolutionizing potentials of organoids as a powerful research model, alongside the cutting-edge imaging technology that comes with it…

Registration for virtual attending is still available until Oct 11th. Don’t miss it. Click here for more information: Symposium II


📍 University of Heidelberg, Klaus Tschira Auditorium, Booth Org12

📅 18-21 October 2023


📢 Tomocube and Schaefer Technology at the EMBO | EMBL Symposium (I): Seeing is believing!

Visualization of living cells without labelling in high-resolution, in 3D and in time is no longer a challenge in cell biological research.

Be with us at the EMBO | EMBL Symposium in Heidelberg between Oct 4-7 to check out all the latest updates on imaging technology, biological research and data analysis. Because Seeing is Believing.

Registration for virtual attending is still available until Sep 27th. Don’t miss it. Click here for more information: Symposium I

📍 University of Heidelberg, Klaus Tschira Auditorium, Booth SiB05

📅 04-07 October 2023


📢 Phenom SEM On Tour 2023: Our Successfull Roadshow Continues!

What an incredible display of energy, enthusiasm, and interest on the third day of the Phenom SEM Roadshow in Germany organized by IB-FT GmbH and Schaefer Technologie GmbH together with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Next to the line-up of speakers from different fields, insightful presentations and live demonstrations on the ThermoScientific Phenom XL desktop SEM, Phenom ProX desktop SEM, LUXOR SEM COATING and Imina Technologies SA, attendees had the opportunity to witness real-time analyses of their own samples.

The feedback from participants thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their admiration for the wealth of insightful and relevant content presented. The event’s focus on delivering informative and valuable insights, rather than being overly commercial, has been particularly appreciated. Moreover, the certificate of participation provided at the end of each day is seen as a delightful addition and a testament to the seminar’s quality.

The Phenom SEM on tour continues its journey, with Göttingen as the next destination tomorrow and five more locations scheduled for the following week. After that, this electron microscopy event will extend its reach to several other countries, encompassing:

Belgium, by Benelux Scientific on 28.09 and 26.10.
Netherlands, by Benelux Scientific B.V. on 05.10 and 12.10.
France, by France Scientifique on 05.10, 26.10 and 16.11.
Austria, by Schaefer Technologie GmbH on: 17.10 and 19.10.
Switzerland, by Schaefer Technologie GmbH on 31.10 and 02.11.

So proud to see already results of this remarkable initiative by the companies within our group. Their collaborative efforts are making a substantial impact by providing valuable electron microscopy techniques to benefit a multitude of people.

Webinar: Tomocube Holotomography & 3D Live-Cell Imaging!

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Holotomography (HT) enables imaging of cells and cellular organelles in 3D without using intrusive dyes or labelling. This novel technique prevents the perturbation of the cell physiology or morphology which in turn provides a true picture of the cell and its functionality. Label-free, live-cell imaging with quantitative measurement allows accurate 3D measurement of cell morphology, cellular interactions, and cellular kinetics.

We are proud to announce a new free joint free webinar in cooperation with umif in Hamburg presenting Tomocube holotomography solutions. Register and explore more about this unique technology in the field of life science research/applications.


📅 14th September 2023

⏲ 3 p.m. CEST





6 Countries, 20 Locations


Mark your calendar for your nearest, free, one-day seminar – focused on insights and hands-on experiences on innovative electron microscopy solutions. 

The biggest Phenom SEM on tour in Europe is set to start in September until November, covering 6 different countries with 20 different locations – bringing close to you the innovative technique of electron microscopy.   

These events are free of charge.

Click for further Information and Registration:

Germany  Austria  Switzerland (DE)  Switzerland (FR)  Belgium  Netherlands  France


TissueGnostics at the 22nd International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB 2023) in Brisbane!

Register Now!


We would like to invite you all to the 22nd International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB 2023) organized by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jyotsna Batra (TissueGnostics collaborator), which will take place in Briesbane, Australia in November 2023! The “Advanced Imaging Modalities and Application” session is organized by Adjunct Prof. Dr. Rupert Ecker (TissueGnostics CEO, Queensland University of Technology).

The title of this conference is “Translational Bioinformatics Transforming Life”. InCoB is a scientific conference primarily aimed at scientists in the Asia Pacific region and has been held annually since 2002.


📍 Brisbane, Australia

📅 12-15 November 2023


Click here for more information: Home – The 22nd International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB 2023) (


Tomocube at the IMC20 2023 Congress in Busan!

TOMOCUBE, INC. is set to participate in the 20th International Microscopy Congress IMC20 this September with an exclusive pre-congress hands-on workshop.

Join us now to discover the unparalleled advantages of Holotomography through two insightful presentations followed by hands-on activities. Get first-hand experience with your own sample, whether it’s cell lines or organoids, to see how the technology can benefit your research journey.

We can’t wait to hear about your research and let’s explore future collaboration opportunities together.

Register before July 15 to secure your spot! Details and registration available at:


Schaefer-Tec joins Aptco Group!

July 2023 – Schaefer-Tec, renowned for its focus on innovation, growth, and quality support, has recently decided to join the Aptco Group in a strategic partnership. Aptco Group, an international technology group specializing in lab instrumentation distribution, servicing, and manufacturing, aligns perfectly with Schaefer-Tec’s continuous commitment to customers and suppliers and drivers for success and growth. Schaefer-Tec has gained a strong reputation as a reliable supplier of innovative solutions for science and engineering across the DACH territory, France, Italy, and Romania.

Customers and partners of Schaefer-Tec are assured that this partnership will not disrupt their existing relationships. Business operations will continue as usual, and they can continue to communicate with their trusted contacts at the various Schaefer-Tec offices.


Martin Bossard, CEO of Schaefer-Tec

Martin Bossard, CEO of Schaefer-Tec

We are extremely pleased to be joining the Aptco Group, which will consolidate our future, create new opportunities for innovation and growth, and will certainly increase our visibility on the market.


Danny Pattyn, CEO of the Aptco Group

Danny Pattyn, CEO of the Aptco Group

Schaefer-Tec is much more than a well-known name in the European market. It is a strong team with almost 60 years of experience, a wide range of high-quality products, and a large number of loyal customers. For the Aptco Group, this acquisition is an excellent opportunity to strengthen its presence in the European market.

Both Aptco Group and Schaefer-Tec are confident that this strategic partnership will yield numerous benefits for customers, employees, and stakeholders. Together, they aim to expand their market reach, and provide enhanced support to the scientific and engineering communities they serve.


For more information about Aptco Group, please visit
For more information about Schaefer-Tec, please visit



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