Label free technology for 3D Live Cell imaging and more

We are pleased to present you a new 3D Holotomographic Microscope.

Holotomography (HT) enables researchers to image cell morphology in 3D without the use of labels. In addition, long term Live Cell Imaging (LCI) is possible due to the extremely low amount of light required for HT as there is no phototoxicity to the cell.

HT also facilitates precise measurement of Refractive Index (RI) at nanoscale, allowing estimations of protein and lipid concentration and their changes in real time.

High speed capture of the data set allows for dynamic imaging, with 3D capture rates of 2fps and 2D imaging at over 150fps for membrane fluctuation assessments.

With the new HT2 instrument, fast, quantitative, label free imaging can be combined with 3D fluorescence (FL) to allow correlative imaging with specificity. To minimize phototoxicity from fluorescence imaging, acquisition of HT and FL are decoupled allowing independent strategies

3D holotomography opens up numerous applications in biology and medicine.

  • Cellular dynamics: growth, differentiation, cell-to-cell interaction, invasion, death
  • Quantitative cell biology: number, mass, volume, surface area
  • Quantification of subcellular metabolites: lipid, polymer,…
  • New parameters for diagnostics: blood cells, lymph, cancer, tissue
  • Image-based species identification for fast diagnosis of infectious diseases


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