Innovative Cryo-XYZ Nanopositioners


Renaissance Scientic is a young company from Boulder/CO (USA), producing Cryogenic Scanning Force Microscopes (AFMs) with unique advanced funcionalities, based on Cryogenic xyz-Nanopositioners or scanners with high precision and very low heat dissipation. The Ren-Sci motors were designed to have much lower capacitance than conventional solutions for cryogenic motors.

The cryogenic motors are UHV-compatible 1.0×10-11 mbar, non-magnetic by default (less than 10nT self-magnetization), have very low capacitances, up to 1 nF at 4K in (X,Y), as well as up to 3nF in (Z)-direction. The actuators are user replaceable and available in many different sizes.


Product Features

          • Minimum Head Dissipation
          • High Closed-loop Precision
          • User-replaceable Actuators
          • UHV-and non-magnetic by default, no lubricants



Compare a typical vendor scenario, 60 V, 1 kHz, 5 uF, so the power pumped into that capacitor is CV^2/2 times frequency which is ~ 9W. The analogous situation for our motors is 200 V, 1 kHz, 5 nF, which is 0.1 W, so using 90x less energy to get the same motion (and thus 90x less heat dissipation).

 NP240                                                    NP 340                                                           NP450


Footprint: 24x24x44 mm3                                        Footprint: 34x34x66 mm3                                  Footprint: 45x45x44 mm3

                                                        Range: 5x5x5 mm3                                                        Range: 15x15x10 mm3                                         Range: 20x20x5 mm3


We intentionally designed our motors to have user replaceable actuators. We supply 2 additional actuators per axis.


All Ren-Sci motors are UHV compatible, bakeable to 120 °C, and made with non-magnetic materials. In addition, we’ve integrated all of these UHV and non-magnetic components into our production, so there’s no ‘up-charge’ for having these features. No lubricants are used, solid-state or otherwise. Instead, we use diamond polished surfaces and extremely high precision on our machined parts (sub 2um parallelism on every part), so that there is no need for the use of lubricants.

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