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Nanoparticle analysis with NanoLab 3D

This new 3D modulation DLS method of nano particle measurement allows the size measurement of nanoparticles in strongly diluted up to highly concentrated suspensions.

  • Size range: 0.15 nm to 15 micrometer
  • Suitable for practically all types of particles
  • Broad spectrum of solvents
  • Polydisperse samples can be measured
  • Portable

The measurement principle is based upon the new and patented 3D Modulation Technology wich allows to measure very highly concentrated samples accurately and reliably. Although it is possible to measure concentrated samples with the traditional DLS method, the reliability decreases rapidly with higher concentration due to multiple scattering. With NanoLab 3D the measurements stay accurate throughout the full concentration range. It is no longer necessary to dilute the samples.

Micro Rheology measurement with DWS RheoLab

DWS stands for Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy. The particles in the sample perform Brownian motion, which is sensitive to the rheology of the particles’ local environment. Particle motion constitutes, for this reason, a reliable probe to characterize the medium’s rheological properties.

Available models:

  • NanoLab 3D
  • DWS RheoLab
  • LS Spectrometer
  • 3D LS Spectrometer


Size measurement of nanoparticles an virus in the range of 0.15 nm to 15 micrometer in suspensions.

  • Nanotoxicology
  • Vaccine production (virus, VLP)
  • Particle analysis in serum
  • Exosome, ectosome
  • Proteins, liposomes
  • Food emulsions (milk, chocolate, coffee, beer …)
  • Implant abrasions
  • Fuel additives, crude oils
  • Toner
  • Metals, metal oxides
  • Pigments, colors
  • ISO 13321 / 21CFR part 11

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