New Controller for Agilent 5100-5500/ Pico SPM/ DI-Multimode SPM-bases

The new control unit of the Nano-Observer Multiple-Mode AFM offers the possibility to upgrade old SPM hardware to the latest electronics technology.
(24 bit DACs, integrated digital 6MHz Log In amplifiers, Windows 10 with USB control, software with auto tuning functions (frequency, approach, gains and setpoints).

More than that, with High Definition Kelvin Force Microscopy (HD-KFM), the ResiScopeTM and Soft Intermittent Contact (Soft IC),
this upgrade enables superior new powerful modes for your AFM platform:

High Def. Kelvin Force Microscopy (HD-KFM)
Most advanced single-pass KFM mode

Standard-Kelvin Force Microscopy (KFM) bases on a “Dual Path” technology (Lift Mode) with typical tip-samples distances of 10-50nm for surface potential measurements.
With HD-KFM the surface potential is measured simultanously with the topography in one path. The electrical signal is separated by
lock in technique wheras the tip is in close contact to the surface what allows ultimate lateral resolution of the surface potential signal.

ResiScope & Soft ResiScope
High dynamic AFM conductivity/resistance also on soft samples

The ResiScope II is a unique system able to measure AFM resistance over 10 decades with high sensitivity and resolution. A DSP control enables choosing the appropriate preamplifier gain pixel by pixel at regular scan rates to examine high- and low conducting areas within one image. The ResiScope module operates either in contact mode or in intermittent contact for soft materials.

Soft Intermittent Contact Mode (Soft IC)
Mechanical properties

Soft Intermittent Contact mode (Soft IC) combines the advantages of contact mode and force spectroscopy but prevententing from
their inconvenients like friction forces or intrinsic slowness.
Stiffness (Young Modulus) and adhesion can be imaged at standard
scanning speeds (up to 5 lines/seconds).
Soft IC can be as well combined with the ResiScope, SThM and PFM.

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