ūüďĘ Phenom SEM On Tour 2023: Our Successfull Roadshow Continues!

What an incredible display of energy, enthusiasm, and interest on the third day of the Phenom SEM Roadshow in Germany organized by IB-FT GmbH and Schaefer Technologie GmbH together with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Next to the line-up of speakers from different fields, insightful presentations and live demonstrations on the ThermoScientific Phenom XL desktop SEM, Phenom ProX desktop SEM, LUXOR SEM COATING and Imina Technologies SA, attendees had the opportunity to witness real-time analyses of their own samples.

The feedback from participants thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their admiration for the wealth of insightful and relevant content presented. The event’s focus on delivering informative and valuable insights, rather than being overly commercial, has been particularly appreciated. Moreover, the certificate of participation provided at the end of each day is seen as a delightful addition and a testament to the seminar’s quality.

The Phenom SEM on tour continues its journey, with Göttingen as the next destination tomorrow and five more locations scheduled for the following week. After that, this electron microscopy event will extend its reach to several other countries, encompassing:

Belgium, by Benelux Scientific on 28.09 and 26.10.
Netherlands, by Benelux Scientific B.V. on 05.10 and 12.10.
France, by France Scientifique on 05.10, 26.10 and 16.11.
Austria, by Schaefer Technologie GmbH on: 17.10 and 19.10.
Switzerland, by Schaefer Technologie GmbH on 31.10 and 02.11.

So proud to see already results of this remarkable initiative by the companies within our group. Their collaborative efforts are making a substantial impact by providing valuable electron microscopy techniques to benefit a multitude of people.

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