Mountains Technology

Digital Surf


Surface analysis software based on Digital Surf’s Mountains Technology® is an industry standard that is compatible with almost all surface metrology instruments including profilometers, optical microscopes and scanning probe microscopes.

Mountains Technology® is integrated by many leading instrument manufacturers and is used by thousands of laboratories worldwide working on micro and nanotechnology applications.

Highly modular, the software meets the analysis requirements associated with specific instruments.

Mountains Technology® features include:

  • Intuitive desktop publishing user environment in six European languages, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • Automatic generation of analysis reports using templates.
  • Analysis workflow for full metrological traceablity, making it possible to fine tune any step at any time.
  • Analysis of multi-channel measurement data from confocal microscopes and SPM/AFM’s.
  • Real time 3D imaging based on OpenGL technology.
  • Comprehensive analytical studies (see selected list below).
  • The latest standards including ISO 25178 3D parameters and ISO 16610 advanced filtering techniques.
  • The latest methods including analysis of sub-surfaces (regions of interest) and 4D analysis of surface evolution.

Analytical Studies

Analytical studies (depending on software configuration) include:

  • 2D and 3D parameters.
  • Roughness and waviness.
  • Bearing ratio, functional volume.
  • Flatness, coplanarity.
  • Surface differences, wear.
  • Motifs analysis.
  • Grains, particles, islands.
  • Dimensions, step heights.
  • Form and contour.
  • Spectral analysis (FFT).
  • Isotropy, directionality, periodicity.
  • Fractals.
  • Force curve analysis (SPM).
  • Pass/fail criteria.
  • Dynamic statistics.
  • Surface evolution with respect to any 4th dimension. leo.

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