The Universal Testing Machine T150-UTM offers a comprehensive means of nanomechanical characterization for study of single fibers, biomaterials and polymers. With its large dynamic range and high resolution, users can understand dynamic properties of compliant materials, spanning five orders of magnitude for storage and loss modulus.




The T150 UTM measures the time-dependent response of strain rate-sensitive materials. It employs an electromagnetic transducer head to produce tensile force (load on sample) combined with a precise capacitive gauge to deliver high sensitivity over a large range of strain.

It also lets users investigate tension/compression properties of biological materials using a dynamic characterization mode that permits accurate measurement at each point during testing.

This dynamic characterization captures evolution of mechanical properties such as strain, tensile strength and yield stress.

The system comes complete with an acoustic chamber and vibration table, plus software that offers real-time experimental control and easy test protocol applications.




  • Compliant with ASTM standards
  • Unique technology that delivers high sensitivity over a large range of strain
  • Dynamic characterization mode captures the evolution of mechanical properties with strain
  • Flexible and upgradable, the system can be configured for a variety of new applications
  • Software offers real-time experimental control and easy development of test protocols


  • Thin individual polymers, metals, composite or ceramic fibers
  • Electrospun polymer nanofibers
  • Polymer films
  • Biomaterials (e.g., spider silk, soft tissue scaffold)
  • Textiles
  • MEMS: Micro-electro-mechanical systems


  • Universities, research labs and institutes
  • MEMS: Micro-electro-mechanical systems
  • Fibers and textile
  • Polymer thin films
  • Biomedical
  • Medical devices
  • And more: Contact us with your requirements



Continuous Dynamic Analysis (CDA)

The Continuous Dynamic Analysis (CDA) option offers direct and accurate measurements of the specimen’s stiffness at each point in the experiment, enabling mechanical properties to be determined continuously as the specimen is strained. CDA makes it possible for T150 UTM users to determine storage and loss modulus.

The CDA option enables users to gain access to dynamic properties information continuously through the force curve, providing a wealth of information on the material’s response. The option also provides the advantage of measuring complex moduli over a range of frequencies.

  • Measure continuous mechanical properties as specimen is strained
  • Measure complex moduli at various preload values over strain
  • Operates over a range of frequencies for better understanding of response of material


T150 Acoustic Isolation Cabinet

The specially built chamber for the T150 UTM has vibration isolation and ensures high and low frequency isolation. It has two side panels and a large front panel making samples easy to reach. It is very compact and holds the computer and controller


Indentation Kit

An indentation kit including an inversion footer is available for the T150 UTM, allowing the system to be operated as an indenter.

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