Single Cell Handling, Sorting, and Isolation


The CellSorter robot head with the high precision micropipette technology is used as an add-on system on different inverted microscopes and helps to detect and isolate single cells from a petri dish directly. The procedure is based on microfluidics. The CellSorter control unit contains two high speed fluid valves that work at nanoliter precision.

The system is used for single cell RNA/DNA sequencing, protein engineering, cloning, circulating tumor cell detection, single cell and cell-cell adhesion force measurements

  • Compatible with most inverted microscopes
  • Cells are viable after sorting
  • One single cell arrives to each PCR tube
  • 10 PCR strips containing 80 tubes can be filled in a cycle
  • Sorting speed: 3 – 4 cells/min
  • Detects unlabeled and fluorescent cells
  • Uses borosilicate glass micropipettes with apertures of 5 – 70 μm


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