The QFM module extends the measurement capabilities of any commercial AFM by the following modes:

CE mode with constant excitation and optional Q-Contro

Frequency controlled measurements with self oscillation cantilevers. Topography and frequency shift are recorded here. The forces between tip and sample are reduced compared to conventional Intermittent Contact Mode.

AM mode with Q-Control

Amplitude controlled measurements with Q-Control. Thus gives better feedback quality during measurements.

Force Distance Spectroscopy in CE mode including data analysis software

Recording of Fd spectroscopy without hystereses that exists in conventional contact mode or intermittent contact mode. Contact potential and interaction forces can be analysed completly.

The QFM module is an add-on to commercial AFM systems. It consists of an easy to use analogue controller and frequency detector. For the connection to the AFM different assemblies are available.

Q-Control module

The well proven add-on module to commercial AFM’s vom Digital Instuments / Veeco (MultiMode, Dimension) or other AFM’s with signal access.


  • AFM measurements on soft samples
  • AFM in liquids
  • Enhanced Force-Distance spectroscopy (f-d spectroscopy)
QFM Modul
Software für Spektroskopie
Langmuir-Blodgett Film mit/ohne Q-Control

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