The PhaseView products are based upon the Digital Wavefront Analysis.

The following two product groups are offered:

  1.  3D Surface topography measurements
  2.  Wavefront measurements of light beams (for example Laser)


The products are:

  • SurPhase ®
  • SurPhaseHS ®
  • MicroPhase ®
  • Digital Wavefront Camera ® NIR
  • Digital Wavefront Camera ®
  • WaveGauge ®


  • Surface roughness measurements
  • Surface form measurements
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Photovoltaic, Solar Industry
  • Metal treatment
  • Polymer technology
  • Wavefront analysis
  • Lens Tests
  • Laser characterisation
  • Opthalmology
SurPhase System
Digital Wavefront Camera

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