Sensofar optical profilometer

Sensofar is one of the leading manufacturers of optical profilometers.

Using a patented display technique, the manufacturer successfully combines the most important optical measuring modes in a very compact measuring instrument: confocal microscopy, interferometry and focus variation technology.

Switching between the various measurement techniques is done within a few seconds, which makes it possible to measure an extremely wide range of different samples in a very short time.

The application area ranges from the roughness measurement on extremely smooth surfaces with a vertical resolution of 0.01nm in the interferometer operation mode to measuring rough, very poorly reflecting surfaces with flank angles of up to more than 70 degrees in the confocal mode for e.g. the shape measurement of tools with angles up to 86 degrees.

The use of very short-wavelength blue LEDs with a short coherence length as light source guarantees also the highest possible optical resolution. The innovative lighting concept is achieved without any moving components in the measuring head and thus avoids the typical disadvantages of conventional confocal laser scanning or Nipkow disk-based systems.

As an option, a layer thickness measuring unit is also available for very thin, transparent layers from 50nm at a resolution of 0.1nm.

New: A motorized 5-axis sample holder is now available for the S neox instrument. See here a video about it.


The product range includes the following devices:


S Neox

The S Neox is a high-end optical profiler that leaves nothing to be desired. It combines all available measuring modes in one device and is therefore universally applicable. The new device generation has been extended by two additional measuring modes: Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal. The former combines the best signals from a confocal scan and a focus variation measurement with the aid of an intelligent algorithm and thus considerably increases the quality of measurements on critical samples. The Continuous Confocal Mode, on the other hand, uses the confocal signal but does not scan in the same plane as in the conventional confocal mode, but with continuous speed as in the focus variation mode. This means that the measuring speed can almost be tripled without loss of quality.



S Lynx

The S Lynx is the “little brother” of the S Neox, a compact optical profilometer, which also combines the measuring modes confocal microscopy, white light interferometry and focus variation. It is equipped with a white LED and a manual XY table and is a very good entry-level device.

S Mart

The S Mart is an extremely compact version of the “S Neox” and therefore ideally suited for integration into existing measuring systems. Unlike the “S Neox”, however, it has only one white light source, so that the following measurement modes are available:
Confocal microscopy, white light interferometry, focus variation, continuous confocal and confocal confocal.

S Onix

A new, ultra-fast white light sensor that allows high-resolution, three-dimensional detection of surfaces in approx. 3 seconds and is thus up to 7x faster than conventional white light interferometric measurements, at 1nm height resolutions.


The “Apex” is a device specially designed for the measurement of spherical and aspherical lenses as well as free-form surfaces. It uses the proprietary “confocal tracking” technology, which enables the optical scanning of the surface, similar to a mechanical profilometer, but is completely contact-free and thus non-destructive. By using lenses with high numerical aperture, slope angles up to 65 degrees and thus also lenses with very small radii can be measured. Measurement speeds of up to 1mm / sec can be achieved.




  • Measurement of surface topology, surface topography, roughness, profile.
  • Surface roughness from very smooth with subnanometric roughness to very rough.
  • Semiconductor structures, MEMS, MOEMS, solar technology.
  • Measurement of thin, transparent layers from a few nanometers to a few hundred micrometers.
  • Interferometry, confocal microscopy, focus variation technology all combined in a single scanhead
  • Lens radii, aspherical lenses
  • Quality control in production environment



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